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Chicken Family

is the leader of the Chicken Family with a unique “Center of Gravity Switch” in his belly that lets him rock in two positions – standing tall or pecking like a pro.

the clever mother, has mastered the two-position rocking feature in her own style.

The youngest member of the family, possesses a gender secret! Juju effortlessly rocks in two positions, inheriting the talent from their mother.


Owl Family

Dr. Huu:
The wise mother owl, known for her sharp mind and cool composure. She occasionally joins in the rocking fun, preferring a gentle sway to extreme motion.

Huu Jr.:
The curious owlet, with endless energy and a passion for exploration..

Birdsong Stories!

Through the magic of digital technology, a simple scan of our logo with your smart phone unveils a world of narratives. Unravel the tale behind each character, connect with their journey, and create your own personal bond.

Our mission, Our values

Huuma creates high-quality wooden figures. Our products are designed to be minimalistic, whimsical, beautiful, and durable.

Our mission at Huuma is to provide unique, premium wooden figures that bring “hygge” and coziness to any space. We prioritize sustainability and eco-friendliness in our products.

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