Chicken family

Meet Henrik, the head of the flock, Hanne, the resourceful mother, and the mysterious Juju, who’s keeping everyone guessing with their impressive rocking skills.🐔🐤🐣

Henrik, Hanne & juju

110x103x49mm , 93x88x45mm , 65x62x35mm (LxHxD)

799 DKK / €109

Owl Family

Meet the soaring family: Dr. Huu, the wise owl with a calm demeanor, and Huu Jr., the curious owlet, full of boundless energy and a thirst for exploration. 🦉

Dr. huu and huu Jr.

88x110x48mm, 88x110x48mm (LxHxD)

519 DKK / €70


Henrik stands as a confident and authoritative leader among the chickens, able to switch between two stances: standing tall or pecking like a pro. His substantial size mirrors his assertive and protective personality, always ready to ensure the well-being of the Chicken Family. 🐔

Size: 110x103x49mm

399 DKK / €55

Dr. Huu

Dr. Huu, the wise owl of the bunch, known for her sharp mind and cool composure. She occasionally joins in the rocking fun, preferring a gentle sway to extreme motion.

88x110x48mm (LxHxD)

399 DKK / €55


The caring and watchful motherly presence, Hanne, is essential, showing wisdom in taking care of the Chicken Family’s needs. Like her husband, she can stand and peck. Despite her petite size, she embodies the heart and soul of the group with her nurturing and caring nature. 🐤

93x88x45mm (LxHxD)

299 DKK / €40

Huu Jr.

Huu Jr., the curious owlet, with endless energy and a passion for exploration.

58x68x35mm (LxHxD)

149 DKK / €20


Juju, possesses a gender secret. Will Juju be a he or a she? The answer is in your hands as you witness their impressive rocking skills. Juju effortlessly rocks in two positions, inheriting the talent from their parents. 🐣

65x62x35mm (LxHxD)

149 DKK / €20