What is Huuma all about

Huuma is a Danish start-up. Our mission is to offer distinctive and high-quality wooden figures that ignite sparks of joy through whimsical design. Our products bring an essence of “hygge,” fostering coziness and celebrating natural beauty in any environment. We prioritize sustainability and eco-friendliness in every aspect of our production process.

Our manufacturing partners, skilled artisans with a strong history of working for famous Danish brands, are deeply passionate about woodworking. They craft intricate and beautiful wooden figures using sustainably sourced woods, ensuring top-notch quality and eco-friendly production. Their successful track record in delivering exceptional wooden products reflects the expertise and dedication they bring to our creations.

Rooted in our core values of timeless design and the art of storytelling, we believe that every product has a story, waiting to enrich our lives. Our vision is to weave these stories, forging a deeper connection between our creations and customers.


About Behnam

Meet Behnam, the Danish-Iranian designer behind Huuma characters. He’s a passionate creator with interests in technology, product design, and art, making him a versatile individual. Behnam’s constant curiosity drives him to challenge norms and infuse his designs with fun and joy.

Behnam’s creative journey began at age six when he crafted his first woodwork. He nurtured his artistry by attending a decade of painting classes. During one school summer break, he explored carpentry, further fueling his love for creating.

Hailing from a Persian cultural background, Behnam’s exposure to diverse stories and literature has been influential. He particularly values the renowned Persian storybook “The Concourse of the Birds” a philosophical/mythical tale where birds search for their sovereign, the “Simorgh.”